Pribta Tangerine Polyclinic Laboratory

Pribta Clinic has a fully equipped, in-house laboratory, able to analyze results accurately and report results in a timely manner. Helps save waiting time for lab results/reports so our clients can receive treatment in a timely manner if an abnormality is detected.

Pribta Tangerine Polyclinic Laboratory primarily offers high-quality laboratory services relating to STIs screening and treatment. All of our customers are treated equally and sensitively, free from social stigma or discrimination.

In addition, we also offer integrated health and wellness services which include chemistry, immunology, hematology, microscopy, microbiology, molecular biology and RT-PCR tests for COVID-19. Every step of the process is of a high standard, from collecting specimens to performing analyses and reporting accredited laboratory results.

With fair prices and a strategic location that eases the specimen drop-off process, we ensure our services are conducted with advanced technology as well as by specialized and experienced medical technologists and personnel. Our laboratory is specifically divided into separate sections such as screening room, blood draw area and operations room.

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